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are bearded dragons good pets

Are Bearded Dragons Good Pets? 6 Reasons To Say Yes – Reptile-Guide

Bearded dragons are fascinating, endearing reptiles that make great pets for families with children and those looking for unique pets. With the right care and attention, they can become a beloved part of the family. Here are six reasons why bearded dragons make great pets.

Adaptable to Different Environments

Bearded dragons are hardy creatures that can easily adapt to a variety of environments. They don’t need a huge enclosure, as long as it is adequately ventilated and large enough to accommodate them comfortably. The temperature should be kept within a certain range in order to provide the necessary heat and UVB lighting to ensure their health and well-being. A shallow water bowl is also recommended if you plan on having your bearded dragon wander around its enclosure on occasion.

Easy to Feed

Bearded dragons have modest dietary requirements that consist mainly of leafy greens, fruits, insects, small rodents, and commercially prepared pellets or supplements. Their diet should be varied in order to provide them with all the nutrients they need for proper growth and development. Insects should be gut-loaded before being fed to your pet in order to maximize nutritional content. A vitamin supplement may also be added periodically for an extra nutrition boost.

Docile Personality

Bearded dragons have a gentle temperament which makes them an ideal pet for adults as well as children who may lack the maturity needed when handling more active species like iguanas or snakes. They are quite curious by nature and may even come up close when they want attention or become interested in something they see outside their enclosure but they rarely become aggressive or bite unless provoked or startled.

Low Maintenance Pets

Bearded dragons require minimal maintenance compared to other pet reptiles like turtles or large lizards such as monitors and tegus. This means that their enclosures only need occasional cleaning at most along with regular food replacement throughout the week (fresh vegetables for example). In addition, these lovable reptiles do not require any specialized medical care so long as their environment is kept clean at all times with no signs of disease present making them easy to look after even for novice reptile enthusiasts!

Social Creatures By Nature

Unlike many other reptiles that prefer solitude, bearded dragons can be quite social when given the chance especially those kept in pairs or groups! They’ll often bask together under UV lights during the daytime hours while occasionally interacting with one another through body language such as head bobbing or tail wagging – both of which indicate friendly behavior towards others of their species or even humans who take care of them properly!

Long Lifespans

If given proper care and nutrition over its lifetime, a bearded dragon can live up to 8 years old on average making it one of the longest-living pet reptiles around! Of course, this figure will vary depending on how well it is looked after but either way, you’ll be able to enjoy your scaly companion’s company for many years if you give it adequate attention throughout its life span.

Tips on Taming and Training Your Bearded Dragon

If you are the proud owner of a pet bearded dragon, you have likely come to appreciate the unique bond that can be established between this reptile and its human companion. Bearded dragons make great pets due to their docile nature, fascinating personalities, and overall hardiness. However, many new bearded dragon owners may find themselves at a loss when it comes to properly taming and training their new pet. Fortunately, with some patience and understanding, taming and training a bearded dragon can be an enjoyable experience for both the dragon and its owner. Read on for tips on how to tame and train your beloved pet!

bearded dragons good pets

Taming Your Bearded Dragon

In order to ensure that your bearded dragon has the best chance at successful taming and training, it is important that it is comfortable with its environment from the very beginning of ownership. Make sure that your beardie’s enclosure is temperature controlled with adequate lighting and ventilation, so that it does not become stressed out or overwhelmed during the taming process. Additionally, provide lots of places for your beardie to hide in its enclosure; this will help your pet feel safe as it gets accustomed to being handled by you. Finally, give your beardie plenty of time outside of its enclosure every day – use this time as an opportunity to build trust with each other through gentle handling sessions.

Training Your Bearded Dragon

Once you have successfully established trust between you and your bearded dragon, it is time to begin training! A great way to start the training process is by teaching your beardie to recognize certain commands. This can be done through verbal cues such as saying “come” or “stay” or even tapping on a surface near them (which would signal them to come over or stay where they are). With enough repetition over time, your beardie should begin responding more readily when hearing these words or taps associated with them – indicating success in their training! Additionally, providing positive reinforcement through treats such as live insects or small pieces of fruit can help encourage them further in their learning process.

Creating Positive Habits

In addition to teaching basic commands like ‘come’ or ‘stay’, there are also several other behaviors that can be taught through positive reinforcement. Examples include teaching your beardie not to bite humans (by offering a treat instead) or encouraging it not to go too far away when outside its enclosure (by rewarding it when it comes back after going too far). Through lots of patience and consistency in using positive reinforcement techniques while also avoiding punishment whenever possible – you should be able to create healthy habits which will stay with them throughout their life!


Beardies make great pets because they’re adaptable, easy to feed and maintain, docile in personality, social creatures by nature, and have surprisingly long life spans! If you’re thinking about adding one to your home then now might just be a perfect time.

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